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Clark McConachy - (Thomas McConachy Jr - David Line)George McConachy - (Thomas McConachy Jr - George Line) 
In 1975, Clark saw a need to record his and other family member's recollections of the Thomas McConachy Jr clan.   On the recommendation of a friend, Clark sought out the assistance of George McConachy, a like minded clan member from Cobden in the Western District of Victoria, Australia.  With Clark and George working together their combined drive & enthusiasm to capture the history delivered the first “McConachy Clan Reunion” in Winchelsea, Victoria, Australia.  This first “Clan Reunion” was the starting point for building this comprehensive Clan history we have today.

Janice Morris – daughter of George (Thomas McConachy Jr - George Line)
In 1981, at the first McConachy reunion organised by Clark and George McConachy, Janice met Lyle and Heather McConachy, whom she had known some 20 years previously.  They got together with the information collected at the reunion and started a family tree.  They soon met Dee Robinson, a descendant from Eliza McConachy and decided to write a small book.  The further they went, the more people we discovered and the book grew and grew.  With hundreds of hours working together, mainly at night, they eventually published "One Man's Family, Thomas McConachy and his Descendants".  In the process they were privileged to meet many wonderful relatives who assisted in the family history.

Stewart McConachy – son of Clark (Thomas McConachy Jr - David Line) 
Following in the footsteps of his father, Clark, Stewart has taken on board the responsibility of delivering an interactive interface for the new generations of not only the McConachy Clan, but all spelling variations of the clan. As part of building a better understanding of 'the Clan' history, a temporary website was built in March 2010. This initial website has helped deliver some 14 different clans from all over the world and with the new interactive website, will continue to deliver historical and up to date information on all McConachy Clans and their variations. The journey to this point, has been filled with meeting some exceptional clan members from all over the globe and, with the ongoing support of clan members, we may one day be able to identify/record all the McConachy clans.

Carol McConaughey – (James W McConaughey - USA) 
In 1985 Carol was very involved in helping to organize the first McConaughey reunion of family in Wisconsin, USA.  Carol married into the McConaughey family and with the help of her husband Thomas Gerald McConaughey and his sister Louise 'McConaughey' Forrest they started investigating all the papers and information they could obtain.  Tom and Carol travelled to Ireland and Scotland in 1982 and that was the real catalyst in getting them started.  Carol encountered a lot of difficulty in obtaining records from early generations and was delighted to be working with a group with the same interests and goals as the McConaughey family here in America.

Joanne Turpie – (Thomas McConachy Jr - David Line)        Lyle McConachy  (Thomas McConachy Jr - Robert Line)

Dee Robinson – (Thomas McConachy Jr - Eliza Jane Line)  Margaret Schmidt – (John McConaghy - USA) 

Susan Hedeen – (David McConnaughey - USA)                  John McConnaughey – (David McConnaughey - USA) 

Like all not for profit organisations, to survive we must have a dedicated team of Clan Members that deliver the researching and recording of our family history. This voluntary role involves the giving up of countless hours of their time on a regular basis, outlaying the finances to keep family members alive and also coordinating the ongoing family reunions wherever they may be.  Listed below are the clan members that have and are 'keeping the clan history alive'.  You too can support the ongoing management of the clan history worldwide with your donation. 

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