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Coat of Arms - Robertson
Gaelic Name:          MacDhonnachaidh
Motto:                      Virtutis gloria merces

                                       ​(Glory is the reward of valour)
Badge:                     Bracken
Lands:                      Struan
Origin of Name:     Son of Robert
Pipe Music:             Teachd Chlann Donnachaidh 

​                                  (The Clan Donnachie has arrived)
Clan Chief:              Gilbert Robertson of Struan

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Abbreviated Version
Our ancestors were known as 'Dalriadians OR Dal Riata' and left Cashel in 463 AD for the 12 month journey to Perthshire in Scotland, where they settled in 464AD.  The first McConaghy was registered in Perthshire in 1100 AD and this region of Scotland (Rannnoch) was the place where the original 'Dalriadians' decided to settle.  The Robertson Clan of Scotland is actually derived from a descendant of Duncan.  Our Ancestral Chief - 'The Chief of Donnachaidh Remhar' also known as 'Duncan the Fat' with it's Gaelic name coming from 'Clan Donnachaidh'. ....READ MORE

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Family Search for ancestors of  Clan Donnachaidh including all the various spellings such as: McConachy, McConnaughey, McConachie, McConnaughy, Maconachie, McConathy, Robertson, Duncan clans plus 30 + other variations.

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